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We help people like you, offering contemporary psychodynamic therapy that's as unique as you are. Services for adults, children, couples, and families.

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Racing thoughts? Trouble sleeping? Worried all of the time? Stressed about work or relationships? Trouble focusing? Anxiety can be debilitating, but help is available. 

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Child and Family Therapy

Bay Psychology Group, Inc. offers psychotherapy services to children and families. 

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Looking for depression therapy in Oakland? Counseling for depression is available at Bay Psychology Group. Our experts can help you understand your depression and break free from it.

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Individual Therapy

At BPG our counselors are skilled at helping people with a wide range of issues, across several areas of expertise.

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Ryan LaPlant, AMFT

Ryan LaPlant, AMFT

Individuals, Teens, Families, Men

This is your time. How would you like to use it?  What’s brought you to therapy is unique to you, and our time together is tailored to your needs and dedicated to developing your inner reso...

Rsoie Sofen, LMFT

Rosie Sofen, LMFT

Eating Disorders, Youth, Adults, and Families

  Many of us experience mental health challenges at some point in our lives. Perhaps you’re struggling with your relationship with food and your body, caught in a cycle of restricting, bing...

Helen Veazey, MA

Students, Individuals

Modern life can be overwhelming. Regardless of how hard-working and capable you are, you may be struggling to stay motivated, balance your responsibilities, and live the life you want to be living. Re...

Dr. Brian Sedgeley

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

Individuals, Students, Immigrants and Entrepreneurs

Anxiety keeping you from building the company of your dreams? Worried about your mental health? Relationships don’t work? Struggling to take that next step in your life? Trouble with anxiety or ...

Kristy Shanks, LCSW

Children, Families, Students

Children and Families The way we have gone about things most of our lives has shifted many times since the start of the pandemic. Throughout this time, you may have felt anxious, depressed, or overwhe...


  • Kathleen Wonacott is a warm, compassionate, and knowledgeable therapist, that makes you feel supported and grounded instantly. She approaches therapy in an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative way. Kathleen has the ability to connect with others deeply and make you feel heard and seen, which is truly a gift. 

    Caitlin Garstkiewicz LCSW width=90><h5 class=Caitlin Garstkiewicz, LCSW

    Clinical Social Worker

  • Kathleen Wonacott is a deeply compassionate and committed clinician. She has a nonjudgmental and grounded attitude, as well as a strong knowledge base that enable her to be both an effective and caring therapist.

    Christine Costello, LCSW width=90><h5 class=Christine Costello, LCSW


  • When working with Kathleen, not only is she professional but empathic and good for your soul. She brings a positive, caring, and relational energy to the room that is indescribable. Kathleen has a loving and calm demeanor which coincides with making you feel calm and cared for. Whether you are in crisis, or want to take it to another level, she is the professional to see.

    Angel Nguyen, AMFT width=90><h5 class=Angel Nguyen, AMFT


  • Dr. Brian Sedgeley shines as a psychotherapist in his ability to show up authentically and with dedication. He is focused and committed to the wellbeing of his patients. I would recommend his practice to anyone looking to expand their ability to receive more abundance, ease, and joy from life.

    Marny Culpepper width=90><h5 class=Marny C.

  • I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Sedgeley in both a professional and personal setting. I can assuredly say that Dr. Sedgeley is, kind, caring, and compassionate. It is apparent that he truly loves what he does and I would whole heartedly send anyone I know who might benefit from his work to him.

    Kennedy K.

  • I find Dr. Brian Sedgeley to be a highly talented psychotherapist.Not only is he an empathetic professional with ample experience in his field, he also is a kind and considerate human being, which is an absolute must when helping people achieve and maintain emotional health.I simply cannot say enough positive things about him.

    Ange McLane width=90><h5 class=Ange M.

  • Dr. Brian Sedgeley is a particularly empathetic, personable and insightful psychologist. On several occasions I've connected him to colleagues of mine because his presence stands out.

    Karen Nierlich width=90><h5 class=Karen N.

  • I know Dr. Brian to be a very honest, professional and reliable psychotherapist. He is extremely responsive and has shown himself to do a great job of looking out for his client's interests. I would recommend Dr. Brian to anyone in need of his services.

    Scott Murry width=90><h5 class=Scott M.


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