Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

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Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

Clinical Psychologist and President

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley, PsyD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, and President and Founder of Bay Psychology Group, Inc. Specializing in psychotherapy for immigrants, entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and members of the LGBTQIA community, Dr. Sedgeley approaches mental health care from a contemporary psychodynamic perspective. This approach is rooted in the belief that deep, lasting psychological change is best achieved through understanding the full complexity of an individual’s emotions and experiences.


Having lived in Colorado, Switzerland, South Africa, and for over 20 years in the Bay Area, Dr. Sedgeley brings a rich, multicultural understanding to his practice. He earned his Doctorate from the Wright Institute and launched Bay Psychology Group, Inc. in 2018. His motivation to start the company stemmed from a frustration with the prevailing cultural forces in the U.S., which had often unfairly characterized psychodynamic therapy as unscientific, antiquated or inferior to medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Dr. Sedgeley’s mission is to demonstrate the efficacy of psychodynamic therapy in fostering profound and enduring personal growth while increasing access to such treatments.


With his extensive experience both globally and locally, Dr. Sedgeley’s practice is uniquely positioned to address the nuanced challenges faced by individuals navigating personal and professional transitions. His tailored approach not only aids his clients in overcoming immediate obstacles but also in achieving sustainable well-being and success in all facets of their lives.

My Training

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA, in 2013. Throughout his training, he engaged in extensive clinical work across various settings. He provided therapy to at-risk teens at Lincoln High School in San Leandro, CA, delivered mental health services to homeless individuals at Life Long Medical Center in downtown Oakland, CA, and conducted individual and family therapy at the Portia Bell Hume Center’s clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a Teach With Africa fellow, Dr. Sedgeley also counseled adolescent parolees at a substance abuse clinic in Langa, South Africa.

For his predoctoral internship, Dr. Sedgeley trained at the Berkeley Therapy Institute, where he further honed his psychotherapy skills with a diverse clientele, including individuals, couples, and teens. Following this, he completed his post-doctoral training as a fellow at Access Institute for Psychological Services in San Francisco, where he also served as a psychological assistant to several senior psychologists. This additional experience was crucial in developing the skills necessary for his successful private practice.


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