Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

Individuals, Students, Immigrants and Entrepreneurs

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Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

Clinical Psychologist and President

Anxiety keeping you from building the company of your dreams? Worried about your mental health? Relationships don’t work? Struggling to take that next step in your life? Trouble with anxiety or depression? Struggling with identity or sexuality issues? I can help.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive training and experience in treating mental health. My areas of specialization include the treatment of anxiety and depression, LGBTIQ+, acculturative stress. If you want help with something specific that isn’t listed above, reach out. If I can’t help I have a large network of colleagues who might.

I am particularly experienced helping expats, entrepreneurs/founders, and immigrants.

I founded Bay Psychology Group after a decade of planning and preparation. Before beginning graduate school I envisioned a group of psychologists and psychiatrists working together to make mental health more accessible to people–a group where the best practices are made available to those who might not otherwise seek out help. So I built BPG from the ground-up to be a practice that works with a wide range of people and will help you with your insurance even if we do not take it directly.

My Training

I received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA in 2013. As part of my training, I provided therapy to at-risk teens at Lincoln High School in San Leandro, CA; supplied mental health services to homeless men and women at Life Long Medical Center in downtown Oakland, CA; and provided individual and family therapy at the Portia Bell Hume Center’s multiple clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a Teach With Africa fellow, I counseled adolescent parolees at a substance abuse clinic in Langa, South Africa.

For my predoctoral internship, trained at the Berkeley Therapy Institute where I further developed my psychotherapy skills with a wide range of individuals, couples and teens.

I completed my post-doctoral training as a fellow at Access Institute for Psychological Services in San Francisco.

I was also a psychological assistant to several senior psychologists. This additional experience focused on the development of the skills needed for private practice.

Currently Accepting Patients

Want to work with me? I am only accepting private pay patients at this time. Please use the “Book an Appointment” button on this page to get started.



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