Kathleen Wonacott, LCSW

Kathleen Wonacott, LCSW

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Kathleen Wonacott, LCSW

External Clinical Supervisor

Kathleen Wonacott, LCSW worked as Staff therapist at Bay Psychology Group from 2020-2024, and has been in the mental health field for over 15 years. Her graduate and post graduate training included working in hospital settings, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation centers, dementia care homes, and in forensic mental health. She has worked with people recovering from serious mental illness, co-occurring and mental health disorders, dementia and Alzheimer’s, addiction, and has experience providing group and individual psychotherapy. 


Kathleen specializes in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, ADD/ADHD, and working with new parents, among other issues. As supervisor, Kathleen provides a warm, non-judgemental environment for supervisees to explore their areas of growth and help them hone in on their expertise. She provides psychodynamic and psychoanalytic supervisory services in a relational manner, and believes a quality supervisor-supervisee relationship greatly contributes to the therapeutic success of the patient. She enjoys helping newer clinicians find their voice as therapists while integrating a psychodynamic understanding into their work.

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