Parenting can be difficult. If you have a child, teen, or young adult who is “difficult” or you are concerned about, you may be unsure how to help. You may struggle to know how to set boundaries or support your child’s needs. Sometimes our own pasts can make parenting difficult. Parenting can be difficult because of disagreements between partners.

Parenting Therapy from a contemporary psychoanalytic perspective

Psychoanalytic therapy for parents can address a multitude of issues related to parenting, with a focus on understanding the unconscious and past experiences that influence their current behavior and relationships. Some of the key areas that psychoanalytic therapy for parents can address include:

  1. Parenting patterns: Psychoanalytic therapy can help parents identify the unconscious patterns that may be influencing their parenting style, such as unresolved conflicts or experiences from their own childhood.
  2. Emotional support: Parents can explore their emotions and experiences in a supportive environment with a trained psychoanalyst, who can provide empathy, understanding, and validation.
  3. Family dynamics: Psychoanalytic therapy can help parents gain insight into the dynamics of their family, such as the role of each family member and how these roles affect the family’s relationships.
  4. Childhood trauma: Psychoanalytic therapy can help parents work through the emotional impact of their own childhood experiences, which can affect their ability to parent effectively.
  5. Attachment and bonding: Psychoanalytic therapy can help parents understand the impact of early attachment experiences on their relationship with their child, and work to build a healthy and secure attachment.
  6. Co-parenting: Psychoanalytic therapy can help parents work through conflicts with their co-parent and develop effective co-parenting strategies.
  7. Self-awareness: Psychoanalytic therapy can help parents develop greater self-awareness and insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which can lead to positive changes in their parenting and overall well-being.

Overall, contemporary psychoanalytic therapy for parents provides a valuable opportunity to gain insight into their unconscious patterns, work through emotional challenges, and improve their parenting skills and relationships with their children.

Marisa Gordon, LMFT

Marisa Gordon, LMFT provides consultation and therapy for parents from a contemporary psychoanalytic perspective. To learn more about her please visit her bio. To schedule an appointment please get in touch.


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