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Kristy Shanks, LCSW

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Kristy Shanks, LCSW

Staff Therapist

Children and Families

The way we have gone about things most of our lives has shifted many times since the start of the pandemic. Throughout this time, you may have felt anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed. Your children may have started their school experience virtually, while you had to navigate being both their teacher and continuing to work or you may have experienced being a virtual student yourself and missed important moments whether that was attending a special event, participating in sports or clubs, or just having the college experience you always imagined. Other life stressors have been exacerbated by all of these changes and uncertainty and your family may be having difficulties in communicating with one another. I am here to support you, your child, or your family in expressing yourselves and navigating relationships.

Is your child experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression? Does he/she/they have difficulty making or maintaining friendships or engaging in other social activities? Are you worried about their ability to cope with their feelings and experiences? I am here to support your child in expressing and processing their emotions while building a toolbox of skills that they can use outside the therapy space to cope with uncomfortable feelings and difficult experiences. 

Is your child experiencing symptoms of ADHD? Does he/she/they have difficulty recognizing and maintaining boundaries? Are you worried about their impulsivity? Are their behaviors impacting their ability to maintain healthy relationships? I am here to support your child in learning skills that will help them slow down in order to recognize the feelings of others, potential outcomes of their behavior, and build positive relationships. 

I have experience working with children who have experienced trauma, have social/emotional/behavioral challenges, and who experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, and ADHD. In addition to working with children, I also have experience working with parents/caregivers and families who have experienced or continue to experience trauma or challenges within the familial relationships.

College Students and Families

Starting or returning to school is a huge life transition. You may find yourself wondering if you’ve made the right decision, how to find a balance between your school, work, and social life, or how to create and maintain new meaningful relationships. You may also find that some of your patterns and behaviors that worked well for you in your families of origin may now inhibit you or bring about conflict in your new relationships with roommates, partners, or friends. I can help.  

I am here to support you by providing a supportive space where together we can be curious about how your past experiences have influenced how you move through the world, what is continuing to serve you, and what you’d like to adapt so you can be the person you want to be.

I have experience working with people experiencing anxiety, difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem, depression, and trauma. I offer individual therapy for youth and adults, as well as family therapy for youth or adults and their parent(s). 


My Training 

My education is diverse, and has equipped me to work well with a wide variety of issues and people. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho, I worked with students in 5th-7th grade with the support of the local community. I recognize that race, gender, culture, sexuality, and other identities shape our experiences and perspectives, so I work collaboratively with my patients to explore how their various identities and beliefs impact how they show up in relationships. I hold a master’s in social work from the University of California, Berkeley, which I received in 2018. During this program, I learned and practiced various therapeutic techniques and explored my own identities and experiences. As part of my training, I completed an internship at UCSF Citywide Case Management, where I provided individual therapy, service linkage, and crisis intervention to adults with serious mental illness including schizophrenia and substance abuse. I also understand how to help students, and parents, thanks to my time at Berkeley High School and King Middle School where I provided individual and group therapy to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).Prior to Bay Psychology Group, I worked for Seneca Family of Agencies at Maya Angelou Academy, a nonpublic therapeutic elementary school that provides special education services to students who have a variety of social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs. At Maya Angelou Academy, I provided individual and group therapy to students with diagnoses of PTSD, depression, anxiety, ADHD, ASD. I also worked closely with the students’ caregivers and families and provided psychoeducation, counseling, and family therapy.

Currently Accepting Patients

Want to work with me? I am currently accepting new patients. Our team at BPG will help you figure out how to afford therapy. If you have a PPO we can help you navigate your benefits. I am in-network for some types of SHIP, Anthem and Medicare coverage. Please use the “Book an Appointment” button on this page to get started.


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