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Are you a great LCSW/LMFT/LPCC/psychologist or psychiatrist/psychiatric NP? We’re hiring.

At Bay Psychology Group we are looking for passionate contemporary psychoanalytic/psychodynamic clinicians to join our growing practice. Be part of a team of skilled mental health professionals.

Bay Psychology Group, Inc. is a workplace that has garnered high praise from across the mental health field due to our commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment. We believe in taking care of our employees so they can provide the best care for their patients. With a strong team dynamic, open case consultations, freedom over caseloads, self-selected and company-paid Continuing Education (CE) opportunities, comprehensive benefits, and covered overhead, we are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that goes above and beyond.

At Bay Psychology Group, Inc., we have a mission to make contemporary psychodynamic treatment accessible to a wider population by accepting insurance. We are driven by the belief that quality mental health care should be available to all, and we strive to provide psychodynamic therapy services to a diverse range of patients.

Our providers get competitive pay, dental/medical/vision/life insurance, 401k with match, annual bonuses, work-from-home flexibility, computers, administrative support, and billing services. Just show up and do what you are great at, we’ll take care of the rest.


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Staff Therapist

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(Psychologist) Staff Clinical Supervisor

Associate/Early Career applicants

Bay Psychology Group, Inc. offers employment for Associate/Early Career applicants seeking a group practice model to accrue hours towards licensure, or get a start on your career. For consideration please complete the form below.

Registered Psychological Associate

Administrative Assistant

We are actively seeking applicants for an rare opportunity to join one of the Bay Area’s most esteemed mental health clinics. At BPG, the role of the administrative assistant is paramount. This position is at the heart of our operations, touching every aspect of the company and crucially underpinning the seamless delivery of patient care.

To learn more about responsibilities, requirements, and benefits and to apply please visit:

Administrative Assistant


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