Child Therapy

Your child will need guidance that at times may be more than you can provide on your own. If you feel you need help with you child or are concerned about how he or she is doing counseling can help.

Some reasons children come to counseling:

  • Refusing to attend school or declining academic performance
  • Excessive fearfulness or worrying
  • Enduring sadness and crying or hopelessness
  • Strong negative feelings about him- or herself
  • Outbursts of uncontrollable anger or overreacting
  • Persistent or extreme concerns about physical appearance
  • Repetitive habits and rituals like hand-washing, counting or touching
  • Worry about being harmed, hurting others or doing something “bad”
  • Having racing thoughts that are too fast to follow
  • Stealing
  • Trouble socially: difficulty making or keeping friends



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