At Bay Psychology Group we offer a wide range of psychological services. Our counselors each have specialities in certain areas of mental wellness and stages of life. To read our bios visit our team page. For a more comprehensive explanation of our services, check out a specific service by clicking a link below.

Bay Psychology Group is  LGBTQIA friendly, and we believe Black Lives Matter.

Please Call 911 if you believe you are having an emergency 

Current Services

Individual Therapy

Feeling unfulfilled by the work and relationships you are in? Keep getting in to bad relationships? Drinking or using drugs in a way that feels out of control to you? Feeling guilty about your behavior? Unable to make or keep friends? If any of these sound like you, then therapy might be worth considering.

Difficulties can arise at any  life stage and you may feel overwhelmed, uncertain, hopeless, and desperate. If this sounds like you, therapy is likely to help.

At Bay Psychology Group we have a wide range of experiences and are skilled at helping people of many types. For more information on the issues we can help you with please visit here.

Adolescent Therapy

Are you the parent of a teenager who is withdrawn, struggling in school, or being reckless? Feel concerned, overwhelmed and unsure what do to? 

Teens face unique difficulties, and at Bay Psychology Group we can help. Our team specializes in adolescents. For more info click here.

Child/Family Therapy

Are you the parent of a child who is struggling, withdrawn, or reporting issues at school or with friends?Children need help at times and parents can become unsure how to help. Sometimes issues at home can also cause children to act out at school. If you feel you could use some help, we have experts in child and family psychotherapy. For more info click here.

Couples Therapy

Relationships take work, and even the most functional of couples may struggle at times and want help. If you have concerns about your relationship, couples therapy can be a safe space to explore these issues. For more info click here.

Coming Soon

  • Medication Management
  • Psychological Assessments/Testing

If you’re looking for something else or are in crisis visit our Referrals Page


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